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Mary Kelly, M.B.A. – Owner/Broker/REALTOR®

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Kelly Property Expert is licensed to sell real estate in both Florida and Georgia. The office is in Jacksonville, Florida, and I live in Waycross, Georgia. Because I am very tech savvy, I can work from anywhere – the office, your home, my home, and in my van (parked, of course).

The Internet makes telecommuting from my home to the office very easy! It actually allows me to be extremely available to sellers and buyers every day of the week. I love it, and so do my sellers and buyers! 

Let me show you how I do it!

Mary Kelly

My Sold Listings 2018-2020

A pdf formatted list of the properties that I have listed and sold over the past two years can be found here

Not included on this list are properties that were listed by other REALTORS that I sold. Likewise, some of my listings were sold by other REALTORS, which I note on the list. That is the way we work. We compete for listings, but we help each other sell. Sometimes I list a property and bring the buyer myself. Sometimes other REALTORs find buyers for my listings. And sometimes I find a buyers for other REALTORs’ listings.

Because I cooperate with other REALTORS, I market heavily to them. In addition, I always give permission to other REALTORS to advertise my listings on their websites just as if they were theirs, because that is what is best for the seller….and I always do my best for both my sellers and the buyers.

Previous full-time real estate experience includes working as owner/broker/REALTOR for another company I owned in Florida (2003-2009) where I closed over 900 transactions during that time period. Prior to that, I worked full-time as a real estate sales associate (2000-2003) for a large real estate firm in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Mary Kelly

Real Estate Licenses

Real Estate Accreditations & Certifications