How long will prices continue going up?

Home prices are rising.

This is good for sellers, but when going to buy – not so good.

How long prices will continue to rise – who knows – but right now, seems that there is not an immediate end to rising prizes in site. Prices right now are continuing upward is most places.

See US home prices rose 11.9% in February – fastest since 2014,
by Paul Wiseman @

New-Home Costs Skyrocketing – and Not Just Due to Lumber

“While lumber costs deserve a lot of the blame for the rising price of new homes, other things – crude oil (paint), drywall, ceramic tile – are also more expensive.”

Some Fla. Agents See a ‘Mass Migration’ from Calif.

As a REALTOR licensed to sell in Florida and Georgia, agents in Georgia are seeing the same – and not just from California, but from a lot of other states as well……especially we are seeing people flee from crowded cities. The ability to now work from home allows a person to be able to work from anywhere there is good Internet access.

“Pandemic relocation numbers aren’t out yet, but agents across Fla. report a higher number of new clients are Californians looking for a less expensive lifestyle.” Excerpt taken from: