Did you know? Realtor.com offers estimates of values of all properties a REALTOR lists?

To obtain a true home value (and one that a lender will require if you get a mortgage to buy a home), you need to pay a state licensed and certified appraiser that is selected by your lender to write a certified appraisal of the valuation. However, a good tool to use to determine value when you are shopping for a home is provided by Realtor.com. For that reason and because I think the most valuable information about homes is listed on that site, I link properties I list on my website at https://kellypropertyexpert.com directly to the listing as it is posted on Realtor.com. Click here to find a description of the estimates provided by realtor.com.

If you are interested in how I value a home when I list one for sale, please ask. That is another topic.

Mary Kelly, Licensed Real Estate Broker
Owner & REALTOR, Kelly Property Expert, Inc.

Walking the Walk: Housing Equity in Practice, Not Just Theory by Graham Wood

“CHICAGO – Property developers are creating company policies and taking tangible steps toward achieving greater housing equity, buoyed by a renewed national focus on antidiscrimination and closing the racial homeownership gap, experts said Tuesday at the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) virtual Housing Opportunity Conference.” Excerpt from the following:


The National Association of REALTORS®
Real Estate Professionals Classification as
Independent Contractors March 2021

This article explains how the majority of real estate agents are classified in their jobs. In my opinion, it would be a disservice to the real estate broker (owner/manager), real estate sales associates, and to the sellers and buyers of properties as well.


NAR article: NAR Stresses Support for Independent Contractor Classification

Almost all real estate sales agents are classified as independent contractors, as are many other people who work for companies as outside sales associates. When I talk about outside sales associates, I am referring to sales associates who do not do their job at the site location of the employer. I agree with the National Association of REALTORS in that the independent contractor classification should not be changed when it comes to the jobs of real estate sales associates whether they are REALTORS or not. (Note: All real estate sales associates are not REALTORS.)